School is Always in Session

Oh my, it has been a long time since I have written here.  I’ve been doing so many things this summer both professionally and personally.  The hubs and I continue to take short little trips to our local resorts and are enjoying ourselves immensely! We have tried new restaurants and new foods and have revisited old favorites and familiar cuisine.  We are looking forward to the weather cooling down a bit so that we can do more outside activities which includes finishing the painting of the outside of the house.  I’m anxiously awaiting the day that I can grill dinner without melting (not that I couldn’t use a little melting) and evenings cool enough to sit around the bonfire.

In the mean time, I am venturing into a couple of new and exciting things (details to come later) and am in the process of taking a couple of short online classes. I am learning so many new things and meeting some really interesting people.

I am convinced that you are never too old to learn and that you should always be on the lookout for something new and exciting to add to your education and life. Learning doesn’t have to be about text books and tests. It can come in many forms such as trying new foods, meeting new people, learning a different way of doing something you already do, and so many more.

I have learned that occasionally changing your environment can change your perspective and may make you more productive.  I plan to hit up couple of places that offer wi-fi to work for a few hours now and then, with the blessings of the owners of course. I have also learned that sometimes you just need to take a different route to where you’re going, you can find the most interesting places that way.  Getting lost can result in some incredible finds.

I plan on teaching others a few of the important things that I have learned in my 50+ years.  I’m still working out the details and hope to have it in place this fall.

My challenge for you is to learn something new this week and come back here and comment on it.  I’m looking forward to hearing how you got your “learn on”.


Friends New and Old

Yesterday was one of those days that made me realize how blessed I am.  It started off with a visit from my favorite Fed-Ex guy, Ron. I swear he was sent here as my angel when I was at one of my really low points last year.  He always has great words of wisdom and he bubbles with joy. I can’t help but feel better after a few minutes of talking to him.

Last evening the blessing continued with a meetup I had organized for Social Media Day 2011. With only two weeks to promote it I wasn’t sure how many people would show up at Abbott’s Grill but we ended up with a nice gathering of about 15 people. I found myself among friends,  a few friends that I had not seen in quite some time and made a few new ones.

It was a great night with discussions and tips and tricks of social media as well as some great stories and laughs.  I’m looking forward more meetups in the coming months.

This morning I was reflecting back on yesterday and thought it was a good time to call my dear friend Amy.  She is another good soul that always leaves me feeling much better than I did before I talked to her. After a great conversation with Amy and a few tweets and emails from my friends AndreaDonna, Angela, and Joann I was ready to face the beach traffic to head to my clients store.

Now the day is over and I’m looking forward to the three day holiday weekend with my very best friend – my husband.

Happy Fourth of July everyone. Be safe and enjoy.

Staycation Day 3- New York State of Mind

Hubs ” Did you remember to take the camera off the charger?” Me: “Ah! No, I forgot it!”  College daughter: “I brought mine” “Oh wait a minute, I don’t have the memory card in it”. It was 7:00 am and we were on the bus and on the road to New York City. After a very comfortable 3 hour ride we were dropped off on 49th street so we set out on our own armed with a map, cell phone cameras and a list of places to see.

Since it was a first NYC experience for the hubs and college daughter I really wanted them to pick the sights they wanted to see.  Times Square, Trump Tower, Central Park, and Rockefeller Center were all on the list.

After a great lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe as college daughter and I headed for the Ladies room I bumped into a NYC police officer. He suggested that we danced and I embarrassingly accepted, so we did.  We performed a nice two step to Frank Sinatra while onlookers wondered if I was being arrested in front of the bathrooms.


Back on the street we did a little shopping (mostly window) and more sightseeing.  One of my favorite stops was the very majestic and beautiful St. Patrick’s Cathedral where I lit a candle for my father.  Oh and when leaving the cathedral, college daughter accidentally video bombed a local TV station interview.

Seven hours later we were tired, thankful for the great weather and happily waiting for our bus. Reflecting back on the day we decided that we absolutely need to do this again.




Staycation Day 2 – Do Over Please!

Day 2 of our Staycation got off to a late start when the hubs got sidelined by a migraine first thing in the morning. I feel really bad that he suffers from these debilitating headaches and there really isn’t anything that he can do until the medicine and rest do their magic.  I took advantage of the time to take care of a few household items and pick up a few supplies for Day 3.

It was late in the afternoon when we headed south but we adjusted our plans and were excited.  As we got closer to the beaches we could feel the air get cooler.  We cruised into Ocean City, MD with the windows down and ready to enjoy the day but then…. I saw this

Ok, so there are clouds.  I’m pretty sure they’ll pass over us.

Back to the business of being tourists we stoop in for a game of Mini Golf.

I had forgotten how really bad I am at this game but not how much fun it is.
Especially when you play with your best friend also known as the love of your life.

A few drops of rain just as we finished the last hole turned into this

It didn’t let up for quite some time so we called this day a “do over”.


Staycation Day 1

My staycation actually began Wednesday evening with a wonderful dinner meeting of the Blue Thong Society-Blue Hen Thongers at Abbott’s Grill. The conversation was fun and the food (especially the softshell crab that I had) was fabulous.

Thursday began with a few necessary errands and business emails and then it was off to the beach! We headed into Rehoboth Beach and immediately could smell the beach fries in the salty humid air.  After lunch at Nicola’s Pizza and a cake pop treat at Cake Break it was time to hit the Avenue and the boards for some window shopping.  After a short time of walking the usual route we realize we were acting like locals when we were supposed to be tourists.  That’s when the fun began!  We played games in the arcades, got pictures taken in the photo booth and laughed at the t-shirt slogans in the stores.

Then it was off to Bethany Beach.  We strolled the avenue and checked out the little shops like these

then walked the beach hand in hand and watched the waves crash to the shore

As the sun was starting to fade

we decided to head down to Seaside Country Store in Fenwick Island.  What a great place! If you have a few moments stop in and see all that they have to offer and try a sample of their delicious  cheese spreads.

Ocean City was the last destination for the night. A drive through to help plan our Day 2 adventure gave us an idea of what mini golf courses we might want to hit, where we might eat and just how many Sunsations and Candy Kitchens they can build in one city!

Now it was getting past the bedtime of a couple of old folks but that didn’t stop us from riding home with the windows down, the sunroof open and the music loud.  I had just spent a great staycation day with my best friend and had the time of my life.

Can’t wait for today’s adventure!

Embracing the Staycation

As I may have mentioned in previous posts I am not a fan of winter but I absolutely love Summer. I love that barefoot feeling and the warmth of sunshine.  It invokes thoughts of fun and vacations.

Hmmm, vacation. Family obligations keep us from embarking on a traditional week long vacation so in the past the hubs and I have opted for a weekend away within a 2 – 4 hour ride from home.  This year we discussed the same destinations and just could not get excited about any of them.  Being on the road all day in a resort area for work makes travel not quite so appealing to the hubs or to those around him.

Wait……did I say resort area? Right here in our own backyard?

For years the hubs has fought the idea of spending any time at our own little piece of heaven in lower Delaware because he spends so much time there working and fighting the summer traffic. He has finally decided to quit fighting it but instead is embracing the idea wholeheartedly.  We are going to spend our summer planning many little staycations! I’m excited we’re going to be tourists in our own county! (I did make him promise not to wear black socks and sandals though) That also means I can sleep in my own bed and I don’t have to pack suitcases.

We already have plans to ride jet skis, ride go-carts, play miniature golf, eat lots of great food and explore Delmarva. I will keep you posted of all of the fun things we do and find but in the mean time I would love to have your suggestions of places of interest and restaurants to try.

Let’s do this!

I Want a New Drug

I have not been active for a while due to some medical issues that hopefully will be resolved soon.  It was nothing serious but had the potential to become that way.  Pain was a daily event  so not only could I not begin my running program but could not exercise at all.  I couldn’t concentrate on work or enjoy working in my garden. Needless to say, it was very depressing and stressful.

Meet my anti-depressant!

These little gems belong to my next door neighbor. They allowed me to visit from a slight distance everyday without much complaint. Actually, they were rather curious of the upright that watched and giggled at their antics.  A few minutes a couple of times a day was just what the Dr. ordered and I could feel the stress and the depression lifting. No medication involved.

A few days after this shot was taken the hubs and I traveled to the University of Delaware to move our college student home. We were actually moving her belongings home since she still had exams to take the next day. While we were there I noticed a flyer advertising Paws for People and Students For the Animals puppy play date for students.  What a great way to battle exam stress; play and snuggle with puppies!

I see competition for the pharmaceutical industry and their tails are wagging.

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